Page One Curator - A Instrument Wanted by Every Blog Owner

Okay what is Page One Curator? A application for websites. It may be a powerful tool if used right. Trust me, this one will help you do it right.

Page One Curator

Now lets talk about how Page One Curator operates:

It not only grabs subject matter and assembles it, but posts it to your blog AUTOMATICALLY, how cool is that? Curation is all about taking the best content and using your own voice to express it, and I believe that this software not only does that extremely well, but does even more.

Its simple easy to use interface and FAQ/help guide will help you thru the whole process from step 1 to the end.

What's page one curator able to do? It not only is capable of gathering content but in addition each of the following.

It can be integrated DIRECTLY in to your blogs,

you can schedule posts to be sent out to several blogs automatically, drip-feed content to your blogs whenever you want. Scheduling posts with page one curator is so straightforward you'll wonder how you did without it. It also tracks each post you’ve made so that you can edit and find them fast,

A real set and forget it solution.

It not only does websites, it looks over video sites and social networks for excellent content to capture. It even offers a friendly user interface. There's no restrictions with page one curator, no limited uses etc. There's only one fee, you buy it. No monthly fees or compulsory memberships unless you order it.

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One last item Page One Curator also runs on Mac and Windows and is fully compatible with Wordpress.


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